Salsa Board Update

This is an update of activities for the past week for the Salsa.Net Board of Directors.

1.  Alfresco site up and running:  Located at the site has a very complete set of collaboration tools.  Please contact Ray Lopez at 210.240.0017 if you’d like assistance in using the new site.

2. Salsa.Net now has a new virtual community set up at  You can read the “About” page for the community at  The community is hosted on software called phpBB.  The purpose of the community is for us to provide an entryway for folks interested in working with us on Public Studio, and perhaps generate new ideas for Public Studio projects

3.  Ray will be gathering all of the Public Studio production equipment (Including the Tricaster) and begin work on putting it together for use.  If anyone has ideas on getting permanent locations for storage and studios, post in the “Use and Storage of Public Studio assets” discussion group in the Alfresco site.

4.  Since we have a collaboration infrastructure in place and will soon have the production equipment tested it is now time to start looking around for bright young folks to recruit into Public Studio.  There is a discussion topic for recruiting students in the Alfresco site, and we can discuss ideas there.

5.  Bylaws:  We need to begin work on the Bylaws for Public Studio.  There is a discussion topic for this in Alfresco, and I will post some of the old bylaws in the team wiki on the Alfresco site.

6.  If you have suggestions on what we can do to make it easier for you to collaborate with the rest of the team, please let me know!

Ray Lopez

6 Sep 2013