PBS Profiles Latinos

The Express-News reported today that PBS will be airing “Latino Americans”, three two-hour specials illustrating the landmark role that Latinos have played in American history. 

Of course, San Antonio figures hugely in this special, and I am so glad that they are going to feature one of my personal heros, Jose Angel Gutierrez from my home town of Crystal City, TX.

Several San Antonio locals played a big role in putting this series together, including Trinity University professor Arturo Madrid.  Aside from Jose Angel Gutierrez, other historical figures who will be featured in this series include the late, great Henry B. Gonzalez, Willie Velasquez and local attorney Rolando Rios.

The Latino experience in the US is both an intensely private, personal experience as well as a historical and national experience.  I hope that this series can capture all of these aspects.

Public Studio will rise up and provide a forum for those wishing to share their own experiences with being a Latino in South Texas.  That’s the point of Public Studio, to build a group of people who will work with others to find these types of beautiful stories and then tell these stories in a captivating and professionally-produced manner. 

Public Studio is more than just a venue for Latinos, of course.  Public Studio is for EVERYONE.  Perhaps these PBS shows will motivate some smart, young people to think about their own stories related to the multi-cultural world of San Antonio, and then come up with a creative idea that deserves an outlet for expression.  That’s what I want Public Studio to become.