Public Studio

Public Studio is a non-profit multimedia production group.  Our target audience is San Antonio and the surrounding region, and our productions are focused on the culture, arts, and history of the San Antonio area.  Public Studio will provide space, mentoring and equipment to young people and encourage and enable the exploration of community media and interactive world wide collaboration. Public Studio will explore ways non-profit organizations and creative people can integrate this new media into their lives and missions.  Public Studio emerged from Salsa.Net, San Antonio’s oldest internet organization and the South Central Texas Chapter of the Internet Society.

The Co-Laboratory

The Public Studio Co-Laboratory will enable the next generation of community media professionals to help us share the sights, sounds and challenges of our home region with each other and to link South Central Texas with the global community.

Our number one mission is to experiment with “toys” that will allow people to come together and create compelling content.  The Co-Laboratory has access to several servers that we use to host various collaboration tools, all in an effort to get geographically dispersed groups of people working together.

How We Work

We support the mission of Public Studio by providing a host of collaboration toys for people to use in working together.  Some of these toys include:

  1. Online tools for asynchronous discussions.
  2. Advanced project management tools
  3. Online video and whiteboarding
  4. Document management and content management tools
  5. Custom software development to build new tools.

By providing these tools, closely monitoring their usage, and engaging users for feedback, we can provide a toolset to help produce media that will make Public Studio successful.