Our current list of toys that have been set up for use by Public Studio.  At the present time Public Studio relies almost exclusively on free, open source software.  Our main servers run Linux (CentOS) and we rely heavily on the LAMP stack.

  • Alfresco: The Alfresco collaboration platform provides an all-in-one solution to help teams hold discussions and share documents and other information.
  • Apache OpenMeetings: The Apache Foundation’s tool for live video conferencing, desktop sharing, and whiteboarding.
  • WordPress: WordPress is the number one tool for blogging and simple content management.
  • Mailman: Mailman is a Perl-based system for maintaining e-mail distribution lists.
  • Caucus: Caucus is a web-based tool for online, asynchronous conversations.  Many successful online communities have used Caucus for over 20 years.
  • DotProject: A PHP based project management tool to help us keep track of our operations.
  • ownCloud: ownCloud is a PHP based tool for storing documents, contacts, photos, videos, and music in your own servers.

We will soon have another set of lists here to include formal research projects.